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Was it Mitch or Matt?

One of the arguments I have seen filed against Mitchell Trubisky, is people have not seen anything for them to believe in. In other words, "He has not shown them anything." After the Bears beat the Buccaneers in convincing fashion, I suspect some will kick the can down the road and remain quiet in hopes Trubisky will have a bad game. I am talking about Bear fans who hopes for the worse for the young quarterback from North Carolina. They will not be able to proffer a claim against him vs. Tampa Bay.

He showed too much. They were asking for a glimpse and on Sunday, he gave them an eye full. He demonstrated why general manager, Ryan Pace, traded up a spot to grab the inexperienced quarterback out of North Carolina. Mitchell Trubisky passed for 6 touchdowns against the Tampa Bay offence. He utilized all his weapons, and did not leave anyone out. Even the Josh Bellamy scored a touchdown. The Bears quarterback threw the ball only 26 times but he connected on 19 times for 354 yards. He had a rating of 154.7 It is hard to argue with those numbers.

As I was watching the game, I entertained in my mind the arguments that Trubisky's detractors could possibly offer up. On the first touchdown pass, he hit a wide open Trey Burton. It didn't take long for my nefarious mind to think of an excuse. I could hear the voice of a podcast host saying this, "anyone could have made that throw, Burton was wide open." As I was writing this article, I was watching the replay of the game. There was another time when Trubisky hit a wide open Burton again, it was for a good gain and not a touchdown, But Trubisky found him. That voice reared it's ugly head again in my mind saying, "He was wide open, and that, an

old lady could have made that throw."

This game was too good to be true for Bear fans. They kept waiting for the other shoe to drop like it did in Green Bay. But the success kept coming and it looked easy for the Bears and Mitchell Trubisky.

So what happened for this sudden success? The players were wide open. I don't remember seeing a lot of open receivers in the first 3 games. But something happened between the Arizona Cardinals game and the Tampa Bay game. We saw new looks from the Bears against Tampa. We saw, Trubisky keeping the ball on the option run when he rarely did that before. I don't remember seeing a lot of wide receivers in motion before snap, not like I did in the previous games. I didn't see a lot of Jordan Howard. This game was designed differently and the questionable defense of the Bucs, were caught off guard. Players were open more frequently in this game as opposed to the previous 3.

In the uninformed mind, people look for a simplistic answer. Scapegoating gives them exactly that. Find a person to blame and the mind does not have to work diligently for more answers. The quarterback is the easiest position to blame when things go wrong. Many fans fall into that trap. So call media experts walk into that deceit, but for the coaches of the opposing team to fall into that mindset, it proved fatal for the Bucs. They treated this game like it would be a cinch for them to stop the Bears offence, and why not? Everyone else has.

If Mitch had gone 19 for 26 and they loss, the skeptics would pick out the 7 passes he missed and build their case against him. Winning cures a lot of things that ails teams. Big wins, splits the red sea. I believe the Bucs did not think for one moment, this Bears team could score, and that was a punch in their mouths. This proves to me and should to all of you that, you cannot take any pro athlete or team, for granted. Miami will not.

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