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Training Camp Expectations

Since John Fox was let go, the Chicago Bear fan base has been on a steady diet of good news. Signing an offensive minded coach in Matt Nagy started it off. People seemed pretty please with that news but things got amped up when Allen Robinson was signed while we were all sleeping. It is nice waking up to a cup of coffee and turning on the radio to hear that Allen Robinson is a Chicago Bear. The free agent signings were lauded by local media and the NFL network. We were catching the buzz of the best off season possible. It all culminated a week before the season started when on a Saturday morning we woke up to the news that Khalil Mack has been traded to the Bears.

With all that news, came soaring expectations. I am sure expectations are an individual thing. We all react differently to news. I made an observation, during this season of good tidings, there would be fans, that would post messages, warning people to tamp down the those good feelings. I always found that kind of strange. Under my breath, I would always whisper, "mind your business," and I will handle my own let downs. However, what is not loss on me is the contagious effect when someone wants to get excited for the team. One person starts expressing their hopes and wishes and before you know it, many people are getting excited.

So why is it important to someone else, that I do not get carried away with my feelings? We all know the history of the Bears, there are all the stereo typical judgments that are out there. Isn't this all the nature of sports. One team gets ahead and then the pendulum swings and all those high feelings from leading is now a depressed feeling from the pendulum swinging back. You can recall the Green Bay game as a fine example. If you look at the Chicago Bears Den, game thread, in the first half people were off the wall with excitement and then the second half happened. It was a bi-polar like affect for Bear fans. The loss had different affects on the fans.

Some were downright depressed over it. But there were some fans that took heart in the fact that the Bears hung tough and almost beat the Packers while in Green Bay. This game was a game of good news, then the good news dashed. As we all dealt with it during the week, we found ourselves gravitating to hopefulness again. But as some reached for hope, there were those people, who made sure we kept our hopes in check. When great things were happening on the field, we were constantly being reminded of the negative. I guess drama sells. I guess the only way for all of us to be on the same page is for the Bears to deliver the ultimate good news, and that has a time stamped date of February 3, 2019.

Remember Walter Payton believed long before it happen to win a Superbowl. His lyrics were, Well, they call me Sweetness, And I like to dance. Runnin' the ball is like makin' romance. We've had the goal since training camp To give Chicago a Super Bowl Champ

The Chicago Bears may not win a Championship this year, the offense is new but the defense is ready. What is important is what the players believe.

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