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  • David Wilson

The Wheels on the Bus

Could you give me the science or data on how soon we need to see something from Mitch? Something measurable to support the claim that we need to see something eminent. How soon is soon? What is it we need to see and based upon, What? New system, new players, how long does that take? Yes, I want to see improvement, but it is a brand new system and I think it is going to take time, what I cannot tell you is how much time. But fans, want something now, that has not worked for the Bears organization for the last 40 some odd years. In the last decade, it is hard to find back to back years where there was the same offensive coordinator. If the playbook keeps changing every year, then how will you become comfortable in the offence?

One poster in the Facebook group Chicago Bears Den asked, "What are y’all seeing that provides this level of optimism?" In regards to Trubisky

Bill Guilfoil replied, "It has nothing to do with optimism. It’s simply a fact that it’s too early to make a judgement either way. I saw Brees against the Bears early in his career, he was terrible and was benched at halftime. At that point he had much more experience than Trubisky, by your standards he should have amounted to nothing, yet he didn’t. Each QB is different, they pick things up at a different rate, if at all. Bears fans remind of a quote from Carrie Fisher “instant gratification isn’t fast enough.” Learn a little patience and maybe it’ll be rewarded."

Last year Trubisky was in his rookie year under the head coach of John Fox. John Fox was let go by the Chicago Bears and now Trubisky is in a different system, vastly different. In the long run, that change can pay great dividends for the Bears and Trubisky, but to think it will generate perfection right away is somewhat delusional. James Belk said, "I’m a firm believer in the fact that great QBs don’t change systems every year."

The subject that is underlying my argument can be summed up in the word, "continuity." It is "the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time." The one thing the Chicago Bears have been continuous about, is change of coaches. But a lot of teams have been continuous about that, most of them are losing organization. You cannot change schemes like you change your underwear. You have to work through the bugs, perfect the trade and look to learn from the errors.

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