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That Dazed Look, Again

Joe Montana with a towel over his head looking beat. Eric Hipple of the Lions looking like a QB who did not want to come into the game after Wilbur Marshall knocked out Joe Ferguson. Danny White for the Dallas Cowboys looking dazed and confused on the sidelines. The best of the best in those days and they looked mediocre that year. Why was that? No matter how good they were, they could not withstand the hurricane force of a 46 defense from Chicago.

The Bears have seen three second string quarterbacks thus far this year. Aaron Rogers went down under a sack after Roy Robertson Harris had his way. Khalil Mack forced a fumble and injured Sam Bradford forcing the Cardinals to throw a rookie into the game. This past week, Bear fans wondered who the Bucs quarterback was going to be. Fitzpatrick took the league by storm his first three games of the season, only to be force out of the game and give way to Jameis Winston. So the Bears have sacked, 7 different QB's in four games. I find that stat to be the most telling of this defense.

I will be reminded by those who read this article, that it is too early. But as a proud papa who dotes over his child and say's he looks like me, I am hearing guys from the 2006 Super Bowl team, say this defense reminds me of us. I think this year's defense is looking more like the grandpa from the 85 team who put quarterbacks on notice.

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