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Pull the Trigger for Mack

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Dear Mr. Ryan Pace:

I have watched your drafts and I figure, you can do more with less. You drafted Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, Eddie Jackson, Adrian Amos, Cody Whitehair, Eddie Goldman, Jonathan Bullard, Nick Kwiatkowski, Deondre Hall and Adam Shaheen

. Some of those lower rounds picks are very good, some of them fill the gap. But you are able to select good players.

So knowing you can do that, go ahead and give up your first rounders and whatever to trade for the rights of Khalil Mack. Do not overvalue your first round picks, take what you can as a sure thing and fill in the gap with your talent to see skills in the lower round. I trust you. You can make this trade based upon your ability to pick in lower rounds.

Kevin White and Leonard Floyd were first rounders. They maybe good but the football bounces funny, so get what is more of a sure thing and focus on your scouting of lower rounds for the next year or so.

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