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Protect the Quarterback

"The Patriots defense has allowed a passer rating of just 41.1 when they’ve managed to pressure the opposing quarterback. However, when they’ve given the opposing quarterback a clean pocket, they’ve allowed a passer rating of 116.9. The Patriots’ pass-rush will have their sights set firmly on Mitchell Trubisky this weekend." - Pro Football Focus.

Can the Bears offensive line protect Trubisky? Has that not been the reason for Trubisky's surge in the last two games? He has been given time to throw the ball. The protection of Trubisky might be the difference in winning and losing.

I am keeping an eye on Trubisky and his scrambling skills. If he is able to turn a negative into a positive, it might go well for the Chicago Bears.

The Patriots got pressure on Kansas City's quarterback Patrick Mahomes. They forced mistakes and they also paid by Mahomes ability to escape the rush and throw a touchdown pass to Kareem Hunt. Their pressure was a mix bag and I think it all evened out. Trubisky has the ability to scramble and is also capable of a big play or interception like Mahomes was against the Patriots. If you are the Patriots, you are in favor of things evening out because of the luxury of havig a hall of fame quarterback Tom Brady at the helm.

Bill Belichick will force the issue with the Bears second year quarterback. He will pressure Trubisky hoping to rattle him. I am hoping the Bears offensive line coach, Harry Hiestand has an answer in place for his linemen. Protecting the quarterback is the key to this game.


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