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Before the season began I made a declaration and honestly it's not a bold declaration but I said, "this will be Mitchell trubisky is worse year." Another one of my not so bold statement was, "the defense will have to carry the team in the first half of the season." Of course, prediction number two was predicated on prediction number one.

Now, those predictions have not put me on the level of Nostradamus nor Jimmy the Greek. Last night's game was a fulfillment of my prophecy. The defense did cover up many of the woes the offence.

Is there such a thing as a good interception? No not at all. However, there are some interceptions that are worse than others. A pick-six is the most egregious one, an interception thrown in your territory is bad. But the best interception that you can throw, is a punt like effect. It is turning the ball over and so it's not good but it's not turning the ball over in your own territory or throwing a Pick 6. If you are going to throw deep you are at risk of throwing an interception however it is a good risk. The payoff of such a risk could be loosening up the defense or allowing the quarterback to gain some much-needed confidence.

If you make the predictions that I have made, then last night's game is pleasing to you. Because I feel, right now the defense will have to carry this team until the offense finds it's bearing.

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