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One starts the domino

The safety in the Denver/Chicago game is, an example for us to see that when a person makes a mistake the team must find a way to climb out of it. Let me state right up front, the play that led to the safety was Trubisky fault.

As John Donne said, "no man is an island unto himself," I say in football it might be the same with an individual play.

Every play should not be looked at from a singular point of view but it should be taken into context.

So what led up to the safety? It first begins with the punt return team fair catching the ball at the 5-yard line. It is a common rule of thumb that a punt returner should never try to field the ball inside the 10. So that's the first play and in my view that was a failure.

That leads us to the first play of that drive, where Jordan Howard was dropped at the 1-yard line. I don't know if I can say that it was a failure on the Bears part as much as I can say the Bronco linebacker blitzed the play and made a good play. The linebacker came right up the gut and was unimpeded by any lineman.

So on 2nd down the Bears decide to run it again and the Broncos blew it up in the trenches stopping Jordan Howard. Again the Bears get outplayed.

So that brings up 3rd down and with the Broncos having some success against the Bears, Charles Leno jumps and is called for illegal procedure. But keep in mind that also on that play that was blown dead, just before it was blown dead the ball was snapped and it was around the ankles of Mitchell trubisky.

That safety was the culmination of four or five bad plays in a row. This does not excuse trubisky, but I see two things that could help alleviate this mistake.

Execution and play calling. We pretty much discussed the execution because there was none. But the play-calling did not help out one bit. Why? Why was it important for Coach Nagy to run the ball out of the end zone? Denver certainly stacked the Box. If you look at that sequence of plays, it feels like John Fox was in the headset calling the plays. I am not certain that in a real game, there would be a different play called in those four plays.

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