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It Is Budding

The following video is a breakdown of the play that developed in the New York Jets game. Over the past few games we have seen Mitchell Trubisky miss and make passes to Anthony Miller. He has overthrown him in the end-zone and under thrown him on the field. He has come back after missing a wide open Miller against Miami, only to find him open and hit him for a touchdown later in the game. Hits and misses and to the impatient fan, it seems like more misses than hits.

Anthony Miller is a rookie on a gifted Chicago Bears team, gifted when it comes to wide receivers. Players like Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel have had their days in the NFL. Throw Trey Burton into the mix and I think you have a good receiving corp for the Chicago Bears. With the exception of Burton, they are all pretty knew to this Matt Nagy offense. An offense that was strange to Mitchell Trubisky last year. Strange also are they to each other. Trubisky did not have any of these receivers on his team last year. With all that going on, you have to wonder when you might start seeing signs of cohesion.

Yesterday's touchdown from Trubisky to Miller proves there is development taking place between those two players. As you watch the video, you will find that this play was on both Trubisky and Miller to recognize from the line of scrimmage to the beginning process of the action. They both recognized zone coverage, they both recognized a defender with his back to the quarterback. They both were on the same page for the touchdown to have come.

This is the beginning of fruit, when the tree begins to put forth the buds and starts aching for the sun until it is a flower. What we are seeing between Miller and Trubisky is some budding. Watch the video and listen to the coach break it down.

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