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Hide and Go, Seek

The Chicago Bears on offense are under a new regime. Out with the old and in with the not so old. Ryan Pace went and bought himself a coach, he is shiny and sparkles. It is like opening up a present on your birthday, you rip open the package and get right to the toy. Everyone in the Chicago Bears world is excited about the new wave and in their minds, that is going to equal a surprise for the Green Bay Packers.

So daddy Pace, seeks out the best for his son Mitchell. He crosses new coach off the list after paying for him. Have you ever opened up a box and found a remote helicopter in it? Wide eye, you take that thing outside and realize, your toy needs power. I have opened up Christmas presents and have been excited as can be only to find that my parents forgot the batteries. However, Ryan Pace is a good daddy, he bought power for the new offensive machine. He bought Allen Robinson who before the knee injury was a top receiver in the league. He then bought more and drafted more. He stacked the new helicopter with ferocious batteries. Big double D batteries. So much more speed that little Mitch will be able to soar his helicopter all day.

We all think that the Packers will not know what hit them. I do believe that Nagy has gone to good extremes to hide what the Bears are doing. But a new offense is not a new thing to the Bears. In the last 12 years, how many coordinators have they had on that side of the Ball? For the most part, there has been a new coordinator since the days of Ron Turner. Think about it, the Packers have been ready almost every time. If the Bears beat the Packers on Sunday night football, it will not be that they sneaked upon them. Sneaking up on them should help some, but if the Bears beat them, it's because they played good. That is the bottom line, they cannot rely on tricking them, they have to depend upon execution.

On the other hand, what has been lost in the conversation is the fact the Packers are being led by a brand new defensive coordinator. So will the Bears offense know what is coming from the Packers defense? Their new coach is Mike Pettine.

He was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League (NFL) from 2014 to 2015, and has also served as the defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. Pettine, as Rex Ryan's "right-hand man", reportedly received a three-year deal to lead the Jets defense. Pettine has been credited with contributing strongly to the Jets number one defense in the NFL in 2009.

So the question becomes, will the Packers defense reveal anything to the Bears during pre-season? Will the Packers be a player in the hide and seek game? Do the Bears know enough about Petine that they can figure things out? If the answer is yes, it is likely the Packers know enough about Nagy, that they can know for the most part, what is coming.

The purpose of this article is to say, when the Bears beat the Packers it is because they outplayed them. They worked harder, they played disciplined and maybe because the Bears defense carried the day. If Santa Claus has delivered an awesome present to the Bears in Nagy, maybe Scrooge Fangio can unleash the hounds on Danica's boyfriend and break a collarbone or two.

Who wins the game? Comment and let me know.

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