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  • David Wilson

Going The Wrong Way

As a Bear fan, I think I like the direction the Packers are headed in. Yeah, I know it is quite obvious isn't it because of their record. Yes, I am enjoying that they are losing games even after Rogers laid out his plan for them to come back and win the division or make the playoffs. So far his plan is dying on the launch pad.

But their record this year is not the indicators I am talking about. Last year Ted Thompson stepped down and the Packers put Brian Gutekunst in his place as the G.M. and I have become interested to see how Brian would run the team. Would he break from some of the ways Ted Thompson did things? let's face it, Ted Thompson had success. Ted did not build his team through free agency, he used free agency just to patch things, such as signing Julius Peppers. When Julius was costing the Bears in salary, the Bears decided to part ways with him and the Packers swooped in a signed him. That was a pretty good free agent signing for the Packers.

Sometimes a player who has built a good name will get a second look. Julius certainly had a good name as a defensive end. However, looking at Brian Gutekunst's free agent signing of Jimmy Graham has "waste of money" written all over it. I agree with the Packers letting Jordy go, he lost a step and speed was the skill that made him a force. So if you let an old time player go, why do you bring in an old-time player?

I just watched a video where Dan Orlovsky explained part of the problem the Packers are having in their offense is not Aaron Rogers, but players not getting open and he describes a play where Jimmy Graham was not running his short route properly, He was fading on his route instead of going flat on it or coming back toward the quarterback, this caused Rogers having to hold onto the ball too long. I feel the Jimmy Graham signing was one mistake by Brian Gutekunst because he broke away from the tried and prove principal of Ted Thompson and got active in free agency. I love when principles are broke by our enemies to the north.

The signing of Aaron Rogers was a good gesture on the part of Brian, but now the Packers want to rebuild with an old quarterback. I am pretty certain that the money it took to pay Rogers, opened the door for the Bears to sign Khalil Mack. The Bears made their killing as soon as Rogers was signed. Brian Gutekunst, probably was unsure of the cap space and it would take away wiggle room for him to rebuild if he had signed Mack. I cannot say to sign Rogers is a bad move, but why on earth are you rebuilding with an old quarterback when maybe you could have arguably the best defensive player on your team. Remember Mack is young and in his prime, wouldn't the money you had paid to Rogers bring better returns if you sunk it into a younger player like Mack? Or if you do have the cap space, sign them both and don't let Chicago face Rogers as he is ageing. But he signed just Rogers and the Bears got their piece to fit into their weakest area and that is an outside linebacker or edge rusher. The Bears weakness became their absolute strength by signing Khalil.

Another failure by Brian Gutekunst, by signing Rogers, he gave power to Rogers. It has been no secret that Rogers and McCarthy have been disputing with each other. As a Bear fan, I have been eating my popcorn watching those two disagree with each other. I can thank the GM for this high drama that played itself out by firing the coach before the season end. Brian made the coach a lame duck and then did a classless thing by not waiting till the end of the season to let him go. A coach that took you to the Superbowl, unceremoniously canned.

If I am wrong about the new GM not working out, time will tell. But it has been nice for me to stand back and see him fail to sign away our defensive coordinator and probable pro bowl corner back Kyle Fuller and see those two on our side. When they come to Chicago in a few weeks, I hope we can continue to ruin Aaron and Brian's plan.

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