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Desmond Talks to the Den

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

With the off-season moves of the Chicago Bears, it is hard not be excited for the upcoming season. New coach, Matt Nagy and his assembled staff began some good will. Then Allen Robinson signed on the first day of free agency followed by more speed in Taylor Gabriel and Trey Burton. The off-season addition of free agents seemed too good to be true. It was followed by an impressive draft by most pundits.

Roquan Smith, James Daniels and Anthony Miller could be contributors in year one. With each name came incredible excitement that churned into high expectations. With each name mentioned in this article, came some sort of hope. Even an offensive line coach pumped up the Chicago crowd. Harry Hiestand has sold us into oblivion. When is the last time anyone got excited over a line coach?

The media was on board the hype train. Usually the Chicago media is a little less moved by the new stream that flowed into fan's ears every day. Honestly, it was a very good off-season for the Chicago Bears.

But does that automatically mean, it translates into a golden season? It was not too long ago there were additions such as Brandon Marshall and Martellus Bennett. Those were two weapons you could add to Matt Forte. Chicago was feeling the optimism and everyone knew it was the year of the Bear. Then the implosion came. Blowouts, the defense was a sieve for running backs. The hype was short lived.

Getting the right coaches and the perfect fit in players is not a cinch to success. There is so much more to the equation. Listen to what former tight end of the Chicago Bears say's about the upcoming season. He is excited about this team but he know's it all has to come together.

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