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Bill's Recap of Bears Week 3

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

By Bill Guilfoil

They say that perception becomes reality. That isn’t always true and in the case of Mitchell Trubisky it’s definitely not true. I spent most of Monday trying to talk Bears fans off the ledge regarding their feelings for the Bears QB. Some even thought he should be benched. I cautioned that it’s too early to tell whether a QB will be good or not. I may have been wrong, he’s already okay and there are plenty of things that make you think he could be much better eventually. First off, to hear some people talk he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Instead, Mitch completed 68.6% of his passes. This holds with what he’s done so far this year, 69.2%. Pretty much anything over 65% is accurate. Could he have done better? There were two or three passes that were pure misses, out of 35 passes thrown.

What about the deep balls? Mitch can’t hit on the deep balls according to some. They’re right Mitch isn’t hitting many deep balls, now. What Bears fans have seemingly ignored was how good he was at connecting on deep balls last year. Last year he was 5th in the game in completion percentage of passes over 16 yards in the air (according to Football Outsiders) behind only Brees, McCown, Stafford and Smith. His deep passes should start connecting in time.

The real problem and the real reason people complain is the lack of getting the ball in the end zone. Mitch isn’t good at throwing the fade. If/when he gets TD passes it’ll be from slants, back shoulder, crossing routes and out of the backfield.

The game also hasn’t speeded up for him yet, his timing isn’t what it should be, he’s a hair late on many of his throws. All of this goes along with a young QB in a new offense. I think by the end of the year just about everyone should be happy with him.

Page Two Speaking of new offense, the Bears have scrapped their blocking schemes completely in three games. Against Green Bay they were using stretch zone blocking and running almost everything outside. GB countered with using only two down lineman, daring the Bears to run it inside.

Last week they ran straight on blocking about half the time, this week the entire game. I didn’t think that Howard and Cohen were adapt at finding the cutback lanes in the stretch, they’re running much better between the tackles. The problem with firing out is it takes the RPO out of the playbook. It’s a penalty for a offensive lineman to be more than 1 yard downfield on a pass. The way around that is to have a run and pass play called in the huddle and switch if needed pre-snap.

Let’s lighten up a bit there Francis. They won, on to the Bucs

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