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Bears load up with weapons.

Arm the brigade, we are going to war. For centuries warriors have always depended on the most sophisticated weaponry they could find. When the bow and arrow was once thought fearful, someone invented the gun. Since the gun, many instruments have been used to enhance it. A scope for a more focused vision allowing the soldier to look beyond his abilities and hit a target far away.

Last year the Bears had weapons. With the limited arsenal they had, they won 5 games. Of course last year was played with bow and arrows, and Chicago was able to beat other teams like Cleveland who also fought with bow and arrows. But to the Bears surprise they were also able to beat a team like the Steelers who owned a howitzer. The Steelers had a well able quarterback in Rothlisberger, some great targets to throw to like Antonio Brown and a man who could run the ball, like Bell. Let's face it, the Bears beat the Steelers with limited resources by using strategy. Steelers had the weapons Bears had a plan.

The limited Bears used that plan in order to beat all the teams in the AFC North. But in the rest of the league, a plan is not enough. You cannot send Indians into a machine gun fight.That is the way it was last year. John Fox would rather depend on his strategy then to use weapons.

So with the team having limited football assets last year, Ryan Pace went out and bought weapons. Surface to air missiles like Taylor Gabriel. The man has jets and he can burn you. He will be able to penetrate deep into enemy territory . They also have Allen Robinson who will probably bomb the hell out of you with his size, length and catch radius. These guys will be strategically used to clear out the deep areas, allowing the other weapons to catch mid range balls and run in space because of the clear outs they get from Gabriel and Robinson. Getting Trey Burton one on one with a linebacker is a mismatch, getting Tarik Cohen one on one with a linebacker is a mismatch. All these added weapons will clear the ground for Jordan Howard. This year, the Bears have weapons, and they will not be afraid to use them, right? John Fox?

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