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A Win on Top of a Win, Will Convince the Ages.

Last year when the Chicago Bears traveled to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers, it was the Bears second game however because of Hurricanes in Florida during week 1, it was the Bucs very first game. They were going to be up against the Ferocious leader named Mike Glennon of the Chicago Bears. Tampa knew Mike Glennon and took advantage of that knowledge. It felt like the Bears were trounced.

As I sit here, I wonder how much of last's year game plays in the minds of the players on the Chicago Bears? I want revenge and I am hoping they want the same. Let's face it, the Bears are not winning in style points this year, and because of that, they get no respect. Teams may fear the Bears defense, but I am not sure the offense makes them stay awake at night. It almost seems the Bears have to win on two fronts. They cannot only beat the Bucs, but for some of the Bear fans, they have to put up a convincing win.

But, if the Bears win the game and they win in style points, what will we likely hear from those discontent watchers of the Bears? One of the sentence I expect to see is, "I need to see it again to be convinced." Yes, no matter how well the Bears play, there are going to be some who will have to see it again. In other words, no matter what the Bears do this Sunday, some people will not be satisfied.

If you cannot enjoy a win, What is your issue? In light of the way the Bears were blown out last year, a win will suit me fine. If you want style points, look for them when the Chicago Bears start stacking wins. Putting a win on top of a win will convince the ages.

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